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Interested in working in an international, exciting and friendly environment as a chauffeur, dispatcher or on our sales force?

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Germany's leading limousine service.

We continue to grow and are therefore looking for full-time and part-time employees to support us in our locations. In just a few years we have become Germany's leading limousine service and our customers trust in the highest quality, which is why we set professional standards.


Work around the genius minds that inspire the development of brilliant technology which helps people around the globe to improve their life everyday

Personal growth

Work on your personal goals, create your own milestones, get your hands on new expertise and use them in the industry.

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Become a part of diverse and innovative team which will help you in overcoming the real-world problems and keep you updated with all the International industry and trends

Our Principles

Be the best

Our goal is to provide the matchless chauffeur services with the memorable experience to leave a ever-lasting impact on the world. We always prefer to put the customer needs first and come up with the top-notch solution.

Set new records

We believe in setting new records and breaking them with more hard work and consistency, we always encourage our team to learn from the previous mistakes and improve for the best results, help to lead every department and exceed that.

Love and Care

We love and care about our crew and chauffeurs. We are determined to elevate our product and help it to reach new heights of success and admiration. We are always trying to keep a friendly and loving environment to put a positive impact on all around us.